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rators and friends. Kutzbach, born in 1937, is a long-term director of Center for Climate Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was elected a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in 2006. As one of the forerunners of paleoclimate modelers, he has studied the responding and feeding b

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ss through groundbreaking connections of climatology, geology and ecology sciences with numerical method of physics and bio-geochemistry. He has successfully revealed the mechanism and driving force of climatic environmental changes at various tectonic to orbital time scales. His findings have opened up a new direction for a deeper understanding of the past, present and future changes of Earth system. China's International Science and Technological Cooperation Award was launched in 1994. Since then, 106 foreign scientists and three organizations have been awarded the honor.Talent is being highly sought after as Chinese cities seek further development, reports People's Daily.In the latest move to secure talent, authorities in Shanghai have released a series of new policies to attract top overseas talent as the city

strives to build itself into a global i

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nnovation center for science and technology. More than 20 other Chinese cities, including Beijing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have also released new policies to attract top talent. Favorable policies include s

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implified procedures to get residency permits, rental discounts and house purchasing subsidies.Innovative personnel in the field of science and technology are the main focus. Shanghai has been able to snap-up some 75,000 such high-quality Chinese professionals over the past two years. Beijing has listed science and technology as one of the seven fields whi

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ch the city urgently needs to upgrade its talent base.International talents are also being sought after amid the competition.According to a CGTN report, new measures issued by Beijing's government will make it easier for overseas talent to obtain visas, work permits and long-term residential visas.Measures to snap-up foreign talent in Hangzhou include fa

vorable entry-exit policies, funding for startups, as well as direct employment and subsidies for foreign graduates.Jiangsu's capital, N

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